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    Piano Section

    Sunday 25.09 19:00 The Romanian Athenaeum

    The final with orchestra will take place at the Grand Hall of Romanian Athenaeum, from 19.00.

    With the extraordinary participation on George Enescu Philharmonic

    Conductor: JOHN AXELROD

  • filarmonica george enescu

    George Enescu Philharmonic

    Founded in 1868, The Romanian Philharmonic Society later became the “George Enescu” Philharmonic, the most famous musical institution in Romania. The Philharmonic Society was then conducted by Eduard Wachmann who aimed to create a permanent symphonic orchestra in order to promote musical culture and to popularize classical music masterpieces. When the Palace of the Romanian… Read more »

  • Credit foto: Sabina Ulubeanu

    The Romanian Athenaeum

    The Romananian Athenaeum was built in the heart of Bucharest 120 years ago. It is a symbolic edifice for the Romanian culture. The ceiling of the concert hall is decorated with anthropomorphic and animal motifs inspired by Romanian folk tales. The 75 m long Fresco painted on the circular wall of the concert hall illustrates… Read more »