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Overall, 317 young artists applied for the 2016 edition of the George Enescu International Competition, almost 40% more that at the 2014 edition. Application deadline was June 1, and in the following period juries will make the preselection for the final list of competitors who will participate in the stages of the Enescu Competition in September 2016.

“The inscription of such a large number of competitors proves once again how right it was to separate the Competition from the Enescu International Festival. Thus we managed to consolidate the position of the Competition among international contests, to create a better platform for the promotion of winners, and this enables attracting more young artists. Given the topic we have this year, we consider that 317 young people who have chosen to enroll in the Enescu Competition 2016 to fulfill their lifetime dream. It is a source of inspiration for us all,” declared Mihai Constantinescu, executive director of the competition, for the press.

The 2016 edition of the George Enescu International Competition takes place between September 3 and 25, and the public at large is invited to attend any of the stages of the competition, as well as the extraordinary recitals in the program. Subscriptions and tickets can be purchased through the Eventim network.

Competitors come from 48 countries, which is another growth, as 2014 saw 33 represented states. The most competitors have enrolled from South Korea – 71, followed by Japan –  33, Romania – 20, China – 19, USA – 17, France – 17, Russia – 17,  Germany – 9, Great Britain – 8, Italy – 8, etc. We also have artists from Afghanistan (1 – piano) and Iran (2 – violin and piano). The candidates’ distribution by sections is the following: 139 – violin, 83 – cello, 64 – piano, 31 – composition.

The jury members will complete the preselection by June 30, 2016. Only 50 candidates will remain in each section. Winners of other competitions from the World Federation of International Music Competitions and semifinalists of previous editions of the Enescu Competition who have enrolled according to the procedures are admitted to the competition ex officio, without going through the preselection, according to the rules of such competitions.

Winners’ prizes will exceed EUR 100,000, and laureates will also be offered an intense promotion program, including on the stage of the Enescu Festival, in 2017.

The topic of the Competition of 2016 will be the power of giving life to our dreams, a power that pushes young competitors to train, to work and to perform on stage, before the jury and the audience.

Except for stage I, which will take place at the Conservatory, all concerts will be held at the Athenaeum, both the competition stages and the recitals. The competition will open with an extraordinary gala, which will be attended by winners of previous editions of the Competition and by the “George Enescu” Philharmonic. For more details about the program and tickets, visit:

 Translated by Biroul de Traduceri Champollion



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