• musica nova

    “Musica Nova” Ensemble

    As a result of the group’s brilliant technical flair and intense and profound musical sensitivity, MUSICA NOVA concerts are always highly-appreciated artistic events and have received the acclaim both of the general concertgoer and specialist music critics. The MUSICA NOVA chamber music ensemble has been engaged in an intense and varied artistic programme both at… Read more »

  • profil

    “Profil” Ensemble

    Founded in 2003 by composer Dan Dediu, the new music ensemble Profil-Sinfonietta soon became one of the most valued and professional promotors of avant-garde music in Romania. Presence in international festivals, compact disc recordings and tours abroad (Germany, Switzerland) enhanced the cohesion of the ensamble in both national and international musical life under the inspired… Read more »

  • Cvartetul Voces

    “Voces” Quartet

    ‘Voces’ Quartet was founded in 1973. The romanian instrumentalists completed their studies here and abroad – Italy, Hungary, Israel, Germany… – with the help of great artists who represent chamber international music life. Between 1981 and 1983, ‘Voces’ attented courses held by the famous quartet ‘Amadeus’ at Koln Academy. The prizes obtained at contests in… Read more »

  • rsz_4_strings_quartet


    The quartet consists of young musicians, members of the Romanian National Opera orchestra in Bucharest. 4 Strings approaches many genres: classical music, Argentine tango and café-concert. Their repertoire includes major works: ” Cvartetul cvintelor ” by J. Haydn, Quartet in E minor by G. Verdi, tangos by A. Piazzolla etc. They performed recitals at several… Read more »

  • Foto-Corul-Academic-Radio

    Academic Radio Choir

    Chorus of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society, founded in 1940 under the leadership of Ion Croitoru, has established itself in a short while as an elite ensemble, directed by D. Botez, D. Stancu, Gh. Danga, C. Petrovici, Elenescu, A. Şumski, Litvin, Grigora], the current conductor being Dan Mihai Goia. Thousands of minutes of special recordings… Read more »

  • orchestra academy of ancient

    Academy of Ancient Music

    “Transmitting the kick of an energy drink” Financial Times, 2012 That’s exactly what we aim to do: energise baroque and classical music. And to do it, we get back to the style and spirit in which this music was first performed. Our performances explore the soundworlds which inspired Bach, Handel and Haydn. We revel in… Read more »

  • ad libitum

    Ad Libitum

    The world of string quartets is a special one in the universe of classical music. A solo repertory can easily include bravado pieces; an orchestra repertory can impress by choosing spectacular works; however, in the field of the string quartets, one cannot hide behind anything. A quartet is like a classic painting where, in spite… Read more »

  • aoede


    Inspired by the name of aoede muse and by music and singing, these four musicians of international reputation have chosen to devote together to the quartet repertoire. Dedicated to interpret for the public an eclectic repertoire that also includes our contemporaries, they approach each composer with originality that is taken from their extensive experience and… Read more »


    ART Quartet

    Established in 2013, the quartet consists of young artists, graduates of the National University of Music in Bucharest, members of various orchestras in the country. ART Quartet performed over 200 recitals and concerts at events, addressing a vast and diverse repertoire, from classical music, ambient music, entertainment music, waltzes, tangos, film soundtrack, to jazz or… Read more »

  • ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Basel Chamber Orchestra

    The Kammerorchester Basel (= KOB; Basel Chamber Orchestra = BCO) was founded in 1984 as the “Serenata Basel” by graduates of various Swiss conservatories, and has been performing under its current name since 1999. The orchestra’s structure is unusual in that it has no principal conductor, so it can exercise full artistic control in designing… Read more »

  • Belcea-RonaldKnapp2

    Belcea Quartet

    Corina Belcea (violin) Axel Schacher (violin) Krzysztof Chorzelski (viola) Antoine Lederlin (cello) “What seems to be the predominant impulse driving this music is man’s yearning for freedom, the unquenchable desire to expand his limits and to learn the truth about himself in this process.” What the Belcea Quartet writes in the preface to its recording… Read more »

  • Bucharest Symphonic Pops

    Bucharest Symphonic Pops

    Bucharest Symphonic Pops Orchestra is the new brand of the Romanian music stage, having members of the “George Enescu” Philharmonic, National Radio Orchestra and of Big Band Radio. Based on the classic formula for symphony orchestra, the content of this orchestra is expanded to rhythm section and big-band, resulting in a modern, broad sound, with… Read more »