• Arcadia String Quartet

    “Arcadia” String Quartet

    The Arcadia Quartet came into being while its founding members were still students at the „Gh. Dima” Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca. While attending the chamber music class of Professor Nicusor Silaghi, member of the reputed Transylvanian Quartet, the four young musicians who were part of the original quartet – violinists Ana Bogăţilă and Răsvan Dumitru,… Read more »

  • ansamblul-archaeus

    “Archaeus” Ensemble

    Founded in 1985 with the purpose of promoting the most various tendencies and trends from contemporary music, having as members Anca Vartolomei (cello), Rodica Dănceanu (keyboards), Dorin Gliga (oboe), Ion Nedelciu (clarinet), Şerban Novac (bassoon), Alexandru Matei (percution), Marius Lăcraru (violin), Liviu Dănceanu (musical directing), the ensemble operates on the label of Composers’ Union of… Read more »

  • Minguet Quartet

    “Minguet” Quartet

    The Minguet Quartet was founded in 1988 and is today made up of Ulrich Isfort (violin I), Annette Reisinger (violin II), Aroa Sorin (viola) and Matthias Diener (cello). The group takes its name from Pablo Minguet, an eighteenth-century Spanish philosopher who tried in his writings to make the fine arts accessible to the masses. The… Read more »

  • moldova iasi

    “Moldova” State Philharmonic

    The connection between Moldova State Philharmonic and George Enescu is one of the most precious cultural heritage of the institution – George Enescu conducted the inaugural concert, on October 9, 1942. After 1942, the repertoire of the Iasi symphonic orchestra became the central concern of the musicians. Professor Radu Constantinescu – its first director –… Read more »

  • musica nova

    “Musica Nova” Ensemble

    As a result of the group’s brilliant technical flair and intense and profound musical sensitivity, MUSICA NOVA concerts are always highly-appreciated artistic events and have received the acclaim both of the general concertgoer and specialist music critics. The MUSICA NOVA chamber music ensemble has been engaged in an intense and varied artistic programme both at… Read more »

  • profil

    “Profil” Ensemble

    Founded in 2003 by composer Dan Dediu, the new music ensemble Profil-Sinfonietta soon became one of the most valued and professional promotors of avant-garde music in Romania. Presence in international festivals, compact disc recordings and tours abroad (Germany, Switzerland) enhanced the cohesion of the ensamble in both national and international musical life under the inspired… Read more »

  • Tammuz Quartet

    “Tammuz” Quartet

    The first two great masterpieces for piano quartet were composed by Mozart. Following in his footsteps Weber, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, Dvorak, Strauss and Faure – to name only the most famous composers – continued writing in this genre. Surprisingly the music world has never given these great works the attention they deserve. In order to… Read more »

  • Traiect

    “TRAIECT” Ensemble

    Founded in Bucharest in December 1982, following Sorin Lerescu’s initiative, the Group of New Music “Traiect” has had since its start as guiding light the promoting of contemporary works, particularly Romanian ones. “Traiect” has become, in its 30 years lifetime of concerts, both home and abroad, an ensemble dedicated to the most recent composing experiences yet,… Read more »

  • transilvania

    “Transilvania” Philharmonic State Orchestra Cluj

    “TRANSILVANIA” PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA OF CLUJ – under the conductorship and artistic directorship of Antonin Ciolan (one of Nikisch’ s pupils), the ensemble founded in 1955 has developed into a performant  orchestra which has attracted many reputed conductors – Erich Bergel (1966-1972), who has become Honorary Artistic Director in 1994, Emil Simon (1996-2000), who was also… Read more »

  • virtuozii

    “Virtuozii” from Bucharest

    Virtuozii from Bucharest Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1988 at the initiative of conductor Horia Andreescu. It is composed of elite musicians from George Enescu Philharmonic, the Romanian Radio Orchestra and the University of Music in Bucharest. After 1990, Virtuozii from Bucharest became the first private orchestra and one of the first of its kind… Read more »

  • Cvartetul Voces

    “Voces” Quartet

    ‘Voces’ Quartet was founded in 1973. The romanian instrumentalists completed their studies here and abroad – Italy, Hungary, Israel, Germany… – with the help of great artists who represent chamber international music life. Between 1981 and 1983, ‘Voces’ attented courses held by the famous quartet ‘Amadeus’ at Koln Academy. The prizes obtained at contests in… Read more »

  • Foto-Corul-Academic-Radio

    Academic Radio Choir

    Chorus of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society, founded in 1940 under the leadership of Ion Croitoru, has established itself in a short while as an elite ensemble, directed by D. Botez, D. Stancu, Gh. Danga, C. Petrovici, Elenescu, A. Şumski, Litvin, Grigora], the current conductor being Dan Mihai Goia. Thousands of minutes of special recordings… Read more »