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3rd – 25th of September 2016


The 2016 George Enescu International Competition for Cello, Composition, Violin and Piano is open to participants of all nationalities, born after August 1st, 1983.
No exception to this age limit is accepted.
The competition starts with a pre-selection round that will take place from June 15 to 30, 2016 (the presence is not needed).
The application deadline is 1st of June 2016 (mail and e-mail date).

The application form can be uploaded on the website:
The deadline is 1st of June 2016.

The application shall include:

  • Copy of birth certificate/ID/Passport
  • Short biography (date birth, studies, competitions, recitals, awards)
  • Two recent color photos (6 cm x 9 cm)
  • Letter of recommendation from an outstanding professor
  • Application form, filled in with the definitive repertoire
  • Bank receipt certifying the payment of the participation fee
  • A representative video recording (between 5 and 10 minute)

Each competitor will receive the official confirmation or refusal and invitation (if necessary) no later than July 15, 2016.

By signing the application form for the competition, each competitor agrees with all terms of the present regulations. No competitor shall be engaged in any other professional commitments during the competition.


The participation fee for the Cello, Violin and Piano Competitions is in amount of 100 Euro.
The participation fee for the Composition Competition is in amount of 50 Euro/work.
Bank account information:

Bank: Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) Sector 1,
Account holder: ARTEXIM
Address: Calea Victoriei nr. 155, sect.1, 010073 Romania, Bucharest.
IBAN:  RO59RNCB0072049685010041

You can also pay with Paypal

Pay participation fee

The participation fee will be paid in Euro and will not be refunded in case of non-attendance, withdrawal or elimination during the pre-selection round.


The competitors will travel at their own expense.
The organizers provide free hotel accommodation for the competitors while they are still engaged in the competition.
Rooms will be available one day before the drawing of lots associated to each Competition.
Each competitor shall register with the Secretariat one day before the drawing of lots.


The preselection process will be from 15 to 30 June 2016.
The preselection will be provided by the expert jury of the competition.
The results will be announced on the website. until 10 July 2016.
After announcing the results, competitors will receive the official confirmation of the Organizing Committee of the Competition.


The drawing of lots will establish the order of playing in the competition and it will take place one day before the First Round of each competition, in presence of one member of the Competition  Board.
In case of an extreme situation, only the Competition Board is entitled to change the order of playing.
If one or more competitors will not be present at the draw due to an unexpected situation, they will be scheduled by the Competition Board in alphabetical order in the last day of the First Round of each Competition.


The Jury’s activity is based on the Competition Rules, following the instructions of the Statute of World Federation of Musical International Competitions.
The Jury decides the prize winners of each Competition.
The Jury reserves the right not to award a prize; its decisions are final.
In case of parity of opinions, the president of the jury takes the final decision.
Any contact between the jury members and competitors still actively involved in the competition is forbidden.


For the Violin and Cello Competition, an official accompanist will be at the disposal of the competitors if such request is specified in their application form.
In this case, each competitor is entitled to rehearse for two hours with the accompanist, for each round. Additional rehearsal time may be asked for and will be paid by the competitor. One hour of additional rehearsal costs 50 Euro.
Competitors who bring their own accompanist must state their full name and contact details in the registration form. The accompanist’s transport and accommodation costs are supported by the competitor.


The jury decides which prizes are going to be awarded for each section of this Competition.
The jury can decide not to award one or more prizes.
The awards are indivisible. No exception to this rule is admitted.
The first prize will be entitled “The George Enescu International Competition – Grand Prix”.

The awards of each performing section of the 2016 “George Enescu” International Competition are:

First prize – 15.000 Euro

Second prize – 10.000 Euro

Third prize – 5.000 Euro

For the Composition Section of the 2016 “George Enescu” International Competition the following prizes will be awarded:

Prize for symphonic music section – 10.000 Euro

Prize for chamber music section – 7.000 Euro

To the semifinalists and finalists of the George Enescu International Competition the jury may award the following prizes:

  • A prize in amount of 4.000 euro for the best foreign accompanist of the violin and piano Sonatas composed by George Enescu;
  • A prize in amount of 4.000 euro for the best foreign accompanist of the cello and piano Sonata in f minor composed by George Enescu;
  • Prizez from partners and sponsors;
  • Series of concerts with the Romanian Philharmonics;
  • Concert during the George Enescu Festival and Competition (2017/2018).
  • Prizes may be cumulated.

The organizers of the George Enescu International Competition  reserves the copyrights for all TV and Radio broadcasting, photographs, filming and recording of all the performances within the rounds of the Competition, including the final concert. In this situation, the competitors will not receive any special fees.

For more details, please contact us at [email protected]

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